• Advanced ICT solutions

    Seamless access to multiple cloud and HPC resources

    Support for integration with customized interfaces

    Rapid prototyping

    Support of complex workflow solutions

  • High Performance Batch-Services

    cloudSME WordPress Plug-In

    HPC interface for batch-services

    seamless execution through your website

    HPC Plug-In
  • Container based automatic scaling

    MiCADO v2 just published for developers.

    cloudSME is core partner of COLA Project!

    Visit COLA!
  • CFD application available OpenFoam cloud service from DHCAE

    Check out how our platform is used by DHCAE!

    Flexible | Cost efficient | Interactive
    Powered & supported by cloudSME

    Go to DHCAE direct
  • Create additional value for your business!

    We provide consultation from the first step on, in order to design the optimal product for your needs!

    – flexible and fast integration
    – free choice of HPC resources
    – easy deployment of business apps


  • Discover HPC as a Service on cloudSME platform!

    cloudSME ist the most flexible and secure platform for running simulations on HPC clouds.

    Run applications on-demand  – access European cloud infrastructures and supercomputing centres through our platform.

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  • Testimonials

    • We supported the software vendor ASCOMP to implement their computing intensive CFD application TransAT into the cloudSME Appcenter. Allowing for dynamic scalability and High-Performance Computing, the Appcenter enables to run the expert software from every computer.

      Joris Costes, Eurobios
    • With the help of our partner INGECON we brought insole design into the cloud. This allows us to provide our scan & design method to every customer in the world, independent from his location which will dramatically increase the awareness level of our product!

      Miguel Subira Sobrino, Podoactiva
    • Using our software solution in the cloud will offer new business model opportunities for other companies and it will dramatically increase the number of potential customers addressed by the AppCenter.

      José Manuel Martin, Ingecon
    • We haven’t used discrete event simulation before but we’re totally convinced of the cloudSME brewery template! This easy-to-use tool will enable us to improve our processes and reduce our beer return rate from customers which will in turn increase our competitive capability.

      Nick Davis, Hobson’s Brewery
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